QuestN Integration

Creating your MeID Anti-Sybil Campaign

  1. Navigate to your Community - Quest or first, then click on "Create a quest".

Quest Info

  1. Complete the necessary information.

    1. Title: Enter a catchy and attention-grabbing title for your campaign.

    2. Description: Write a detailed description including an introduction to your NFT collection and the credentials users need to fulfill to participate in the campaign.

    3. Schedule: Set the registration period during which users can fulfill the requirements and participate.

  2. Click "Save Settings" to continue.

Entries Setting

I. Select the Anti-Sybil template for setting up the requirements.

  1. Choose Anti-Sybil template from the Recommend / Custom-Made column This entry guarantees all participants are real and unique people. Users will be required to do facial scanning with mobile phones.

  1. Place a check mark next to the "Pase zkMe anti-bot/sybil verification" to add this template to your quest.

  1. When the box below appears, the template has been added successfully to your quest.

II. Add others available templates that you want to your quest.

III. Click "Save Settings" to continue.

Eligibility & Reward Setting

  1. Set the eligibility to participate in your quest (Specify who can take part in your quest)

  2. Set up the Reward and Release your quest

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