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Verifying Credentials from a dApp

DApps that require you to attest your zkMe Identity through the zkMe Widget.

Connect your wallet to the dApp's frontend, then start the verification process and follow the steps below to finish the Credential attestation.

Step 1:

Learn about the benefits of privacy preserving Credential verifications, the Credentials required for the specific dApp, and check the box at the bottom to make sure you agree with the zkMe App Privacy Policy and zkMe User Agreement. Click "Start verification" to continue.

Step 2:

On this page, fill in your SSI email and tap "Continue". Make sure to provide a valid email address that you control. Alternatively, you can also create a SSI through your Apple ID or Google Account at the bottom of the page.

Step 3:

Check your email inbox and find an email named "Sign in to zkMe". Click the authentication link or copy the authentication code to finish the process.

Step 4:

After your SSI has been authenticated successfully, go back to the zkMe Widget. It will display a QR code. Scan the QR code with a mobile phone and continue the process on your phone in a one-time verification session.

Step 5:

On your mobile phone, tap "Verify now" on this page to start the verification process.

Step 6:

Select the Country of your Citizenship, and choose an Identity document type to continue.

Step 7:

Tap "Continue" on this page to start scanning your identity document.

Step 8:

After successful document scanning, confirm that the identified information is correct on this page. Then check the box at the bottom to make sure you agree with the zkMe App Privacy Policy and zkMe User Agreement and tap "Continue" to proceed with a facial recognition.

Step 9:

On this page, tap "Continue" to scan your face and process a liveness check.

Step 10:

After a successful facial recognition, the ZKP generation process will start automatically. You can check the progress on the zkMe Widget. After the ZKP is generated, minting of your SBT will start automatically. Once your SBT is minted, click "Continue" button attest your zkMe SBT to the dApp.

Step 11:

When this page is displayed, sign the attestation transaction within your wallet plugin to complete the attestation.

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