MeScores Introduction

Connecting web2 Identities to blockchains

zkMe's identity oracle enables users to bring their personal data (e.g. credit scores, social network statuses) to the chain. Web3 protocols can then use this data to create tailored features that meet users' needs and preferences. For instance, a DeFi protocol can determine loan eligibility based on credit scores, while a social network can recommend content based on social network status. With zkMe's identity oracle, a more personalized and efficient digital world is made possible for each user.


Build a more secure and trustworthy protocol

Trusted identity data

  • creates more possibilities for protocols

  • Computational trust / reputation for people-powered networks: identity attributes can be expressed as claims (or attestations) which can be combined to create compound proofs.

Protect users' privacy

  • Identity reputation can be cryptographically verified in a privacy-preserving way directly on-chain to trigger trustless execution / action

  • No need to rely on a middle man to execute interactions with users

  • Ability to compose validation by interacting with generic Smart Contracts or NFTs, but with privacy

What data feeds could zkMe bridge?

Demographic DataPersonal DataWeb2 DataWeb3 data

Age (Adulthood)


Social Media

Smart contract activity


Transaction Behavior

Web indexes




Browsing history

DAO voting history


Income Levels

Online purchases

Asset/NFT ownership

Credit Score

Communication patterns

Professional certifications

Web2 platform achievement

Biometric data

Gaming status

Phone Number Ownership

Membership status

Email Address Ownership


Medical History

Why choose zkMe Identity Oracle?

  • Private-by-Design

  • Reliable

  • Multi-chain

  • Seamless connection to any API

  • Scalability

How does it work?

  • Data feed API

  • TLS

  • MPC

  • ZKP

  • SBT

  • zk-Bridge

  • Smart contract

zkMe Web Data Attestation Use Cases

zkCredit Score

  • zkMe Identity Oracle can be used to develop a credit scoring system for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. This system could allow individuals to obtain credit loans without the need for traditional credit checks or collateral.

zkIdentity Social Network

  • zkMe Identity Oracle can enable trustless interactions between users, as no party needs to rely on a central authority to verify the other's claims. This promotes a more secure and decentralized environment.

zkIdentity DAO Management

  • zkMe Identity Oracle can allow DAO members to cast their votes without revealing their identity or choice, maintaining the privacy of voters while still ensuring the integrity of the voting process. This can lead to more honest and unbiased voting outcomes.

  • zkMe Identity Oracle enable domain-expertise reputation systems in DAOs. Members can prove their expertise in a particular domain (e.g., development, finance, legal, etc.) without revealing their full identity.

  • DAOs can implement merit-based governance models, where members with proven expertise in specific areas have more influence over decision-making.

zkGaming Status

  • Privacy-Preserving Gaming Status: zkMe Identity Oracle can enable players to prove their gaming status, such as level, achievements, or rank, without revealing their identity or additional information. This protects player privacy and ensures that sensitive data remains secure while interacting with in-game economies or other players.

  • Secure Asset Ownership: zkMe Identity Oracle can be used to establish the ownership of in-game assets, like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), without exposing the owner's identity. Players can prove they own specific assets without revealing their account details, thus maintaining privacy and reducing the risk of targeted attacks or theft.

  • Trustless Trading and Marketplace: zkMe gaming status can facilitate trustless trading of in-game assets and currencies in decentralized marketplaces. Buyers and sellers can prove the authenticity and ownership of assets without revealing their identity, enabling secure and private transactions.

  • Skill-Based Earnings: In GameFi platforms that reward players based on their skills or achievements, zkMe Identity Oracle can help verify players' gaming status without compromising their privacy. Players can prove they have reached certain milestones or possess specific skills to access rewards and opportunities, all while keeping their personal information secure.

  • Fair Play and Anti-Cheat Mechanisms: zkMe gaming status can help ensure fair play by allowing players to prove their accomplishments without revealing their strategies or gameplay data. This can be used to implement anti-cheat mechanisms that maintain the integrity of the gaming experience without compromising privacy.

  • Cross-Game Interoperability: zkMe gaming status can enable players to prove their achievements and assets across multiple games within the GameFi ecosystem. This promotes interoperability and encourages the development of interconnected gaming experiences where players can leverage their accomplishments and assets from one game to another.

How to get started?

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