zkMe Dashboard

Configure and overview your user verifications.

Step 1: Start from the Partner Login: https://dashboard.zk.me

Please enter your zkMe account and password to log in to the zkMe Dashboard.

If you don't have access to zkMe Dashboard yet, please sign up and contact contact@zk.me to obtain your permissions.

Step 2: Welcome to the zkMe Dashboard

After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the Dashboard page.

Step 3: Whitelist your domain

Go to Integration -> Setting, please type in your domain and click "Save" to whitelist it.

Step 4: Download JSON file in Configuration

In the Configuration, you need to download JSON file to have access to your Private Key, which is crucial for subsequent decryption work. Please ensure it's safekeeping in self-custody.

Step 5: Customize your eligibility

In the zkKYC section of the Configuration, you can customize the solution and create a program based on your eligibility requirements.

Step 6: Check the created programs

Step 7: Activate the program

If you want to enable a created program, please click on the record and Apply program. Then, the status will change from Created to Apply.

Step 8: All set! Time to start implementing

Please refer to zkKYC SDK integration/ MeID SDK integration to start integrating zkMe's solution with your project.

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