The One Face, One MeID approach ensures a rapid and privacy-preserving solution to combat bot and sybil attacks.

Fully homomorphic encryption to protect users' privacy

Fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) is used in zkMe to protect user privacy while encrypting their facial data. This means that user identity can be securely verified without revealing any personal information. With FHE, the facial data is encrypted in such a way that it can be analyzed without being decrypted, making it a powerful privacy-preserving tool. In zkMe, FHE is used during the face graph generation and encrypted face graph cross-check stages to ensure the security and privacy of user data.

How does it work?

  1. Liveness check [zkMe App]

  2. Face graph generation [zkMe App]

  3. Fully homomorphic encryption [zkMe App]

  4. Encrypted face graph cross-check [zkMe Registry]

  5. Unique zkMe DID creation [On-Chain]

  6. Final report check

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