zkKYC Integration Guide

This page describes how to onboard zkMe zkKYC services

Overview of the Onboarding Process

Contact us

  • Reach out to us at contact@zk.me to initiate the conversation.

Service Integration

  • Sign up for a zkMe dashboard account using your email.

  • Receive and accept the Terms and Conditions from zkMe.

  • Access your API Key and configure your project on the dashboard.

  • Start to integrate zkMe SDK with your dApp.

Testing and Optimization

  • Execute functional, performance, and security testing.

  • Based on testing results, perform necessary optimizations and adjustments.

Training and Support

  • Prior to going live, conduct training sessions for the client's team to ensure they understand how to use zkMe service.

  • Provide necessary support to assist them in resolving any issues.


  • Before going live, please inform us of your expected launch date and anticipated traffic. This allows us to ensure adequate support and a smooth user experience.

  • After all preparations, officially launch the service for your web3 dApps.

Continuous Service and Monitoring

  • Continuously monitor the performance of the service to ensure stability and reliability.

  • Based on client feedback and requirements, continuously optimize and upgrade zkMe service.

Start to Integrate zkKYC with zkMe

Step 1: Initial Your Conversation with Us

If you haven't connected with us yet, please reach out to us at contact@zk.me and our team will initiate the conversation. If you are already in contact with zkMe, please proceed with the following steps.

Step 2: Sign Up for a zkMe Dashboard Account

The email you provide will become your dashboard account, so please keep it secure. During the process, you will need to provide some details about your project, such as its name and website. You will also need to agree to zkMe's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Step 3: Set Up Account Access

Share your account, the chain ecosystems you want to support, and the level of decentralization you want to support (On-chain Mint, On-chain Transactional, or Cross-chain), expected launch date and anticipated traffic with us to finalize setting up your account.

NOTE: We are working on automating this process step in the near future.

Step 4: Dashboard Configuration

Refer to the Dashboard instructions to retrieve your API Key and begin setting up the zkKYC configuration on the Dashboard according to your requirements.

Step 5: Implement Technical Integration

Unlock rapid user verification in just a minimum of 4 simple steps integrating our SDK. After completing these steps, your dApp will be ready to utilize zkMe’s zkKYC for secure and compliant user authentication.

Step 6: Validate User Verification Status

You have the option to verify users via our SDK or smart contract. Once a user has completed the verification process, zkMe will return a verification status, confirming whether the user has successfully completed the verification process.

Step 7: Ongoing User Management

After a user has been onboarded, zkMe provides tools for ongoing user management. This includes tools for tracking user activity, re-verifying user identities if necessary, and managing user data in compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

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