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Use Cases

zkMe's Identity Oracles support a number of different uses cases ranging from legal requirements to general. More use cases will be added over time.

zkMe Compliance Suite - zkKYC

Regulated DeFi
With zkMe's zkKYC solutions, institutions can confidently join DeFi while meeting KYC compliance requirements. zkMe employs ZKPs and MPC to protect and secure user identity information while providing necessary KYC information. This way, institutions can maintain their regulatory standards while participating in DeFi. By bringing their trust and reputation to DeFi, institutions help create a more secure and efficient financial system for all involved. -> Learn more: zkKYC Introduction

zkMe Anti-Bot Suite - MeID

One Face, one DID
The "one face, one DID" concept is a powerful tool in the fight against bots and sybil attacks. By requiring users to verify their identity through facial recognition, zkMe ensures that each user has a unique DID. This makes it much more difficult for bad actors to create multiple accounts and manipulate the system. With zkMe, businesses can be confident that their interactions are with real people, and not bots or fake accounts.
-> Learn more: MeID Introduction

zkMe Profiling Suite - Me Scores

Anonymous Market Insights
zkMe Identity Oracles enables users to bring their personal data (e.g. credit scores, social network statuses) to the chain. Protocols can then use this data to create tailored features that meet users' needs and preferences. For instance, a DeFi protocol can determine loan eligibility based on credit scores, while a social network can recommend content based on social network status. With zkMe Identity Oracles, a more personalized and efficient digital world is made possible for each user.
-> Learn more: Me Profiles Introduction

zkMe Healthcare Suite


zkMe Education Suite


zkMe Logistics Suite