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What is an 'Identity Oracle'?

zkMe builds a decentralized Identity Layer infrastructure that consists of bridging primitives ("Identity Oracles") that leverage the power of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) to securely and privately attest & verify credential ownership across ecosystems. In contrast to most existing Decentralized Identifier (DID) or Verifiable Credentials (VC) approaches, Identity Oracles do not require centralized trusted Issuer entities on every ecosystem. Trusted credentials are ubiquitous in traditional finance and the internet. Identity Oracles are the answer to the question: Why reinvent the wheel for web3 Identity?
If a credential source is already trusted on another chain, on the internet, or on a physical device, an Identity Oracle aims to bridge that credential fully trustlessly and programmatically to any number of service providers without the introduction of new trust assumptions.
With zkMe, users can disclose to authorized parties selectively, without compromising their privacy, and enjoy greater control over their digital Identities. This enables a variety of Use Cases, for the verification of a number of zkMe Credentials, through the interaction of a number of zkMe Components.

Value Proposition

For Users

You, privately verified.
  • Self-Sovereign Identity Take control of your digital Identity while maintaining the highest degree of privacy. You decide who has access to which of your anonymous credentials.
  • Attest-to-Earn Identity Tokenomics Benefit from taking part in the Identity economy of the future. Earn $vME utility tokens for every anonymized credential you share.
  • Ultimate Privacy None of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever shared, processed, nor stored by anyone but yourself. Identity theft and misuse are not possible.

For Businesses

Compliance without compromises on the ethos of web3.
  • Decentralization & Disintermediation Empower your users to self-verify without the need of trust into a third party data processor or controller.
  • Lowest Cost of Verification Don't overspend on user verifications. Fully programmatic and data minimized data verification allow for the highest value to cost solution on the market.
  • Seamless UX Process all user verifications without any system breaks. Flutter and Javascript SDKs allow for a native verification user flow directly from your front end.
  • GDPR Compliance Automatic GDPR compliance by not having to process nor store any private user data.
  • AML/KYC Compliance Comply with due diligence requirements without compromising on decentralization and user privacy by implementing FATF-compliant zero-knowledge KYC.
  • Web3 Native Risk Management Implement risk management that does not compromise on decentralization or user privacy.

Vision & Mission


To build the zk-credential layer of web3. In the trust-less world of tomorrow, credentials are only shared when, where and strictly as irreducibly needed.


We build the leading infra for presenting verified credentials in a trust-less and private manner. Issuers, Holders and Verifiers around the world trust and employ the zkMe protocol to leverage Identities’ value.